The Virtue of Simplicity.

Simplicity” is an easy or simple state or quality.

You can embrace simplicity when you have a child-like quality, when you are not trying to impress others or gain recognition.

Strive for the simplicity of just being yourself for this is a wonderful way to begin the perfecting of your world.

Do not try to copy someone else for this will impede your spiritual progress. You have come into this physical world with a specific life plan, with a particular talent which needs to be developed and then used to make a constructive contribution to¬†your community. If you try and copy someone you will not be able to fulfil your mission and you will have wasted your life’s opportunity. So seek to discover and fulfil your divine plan.

Examine yourself and try and discover what talents you have, what virtues you already express and seek to develop them more fully.

The only thing you should copy is the constructive way of life of the Christ within. Seek to imitate the character of Christ and to express the God-qualities of Divine love, forgiveness, patience, poise, gratitude, generosity, etc.

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